ImageToday, we walked the Brooklyn Bridge together.

Well, we bumped into one another in the middle, and decided to finish the journey as a pair.

(Isn’t that how the best stories begin?)

It’s funny how the universe sometimes throws silly coincidences at you and urges you to accept them as fate.

Funnier that the whippet-fast flash of scarlet that weaves past you, in between throngs of tourists, crystallizes into the person you were thinking about.

DUMBO is made for Saturday afternoon spontaneity, crafted entirely for those who Might-Just-Be-More-than-Friends.

Which we might be.

And we might not.

But what I know for sure is that sitting next to you at the sun-drenched counter space of a coffee shop nestled under the bridge, while couples meandered past us down the cobblestone streets to the park just beyond, we could have been.

At least to those who turned to look back.

(Saturday afternoon spontaneity made possible here and here).


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