What I do know is that if the universe hands me a blank 16-hour slate upon which to write my day, and if that day happens to fall in the middle of my (nonexistent) spring break, then I will be heading to the Jersey shore.

Which is precisely the story of this day.

Not pictured here are the tightly-bundled figures of my mother and sister, faces steady upon the shoreline, taking in the waves before declaring it Entirely Too Cold to spend a moment longer on the boardwalk.  How ironic that several of my friends are in the middle of a luxuriously warm getaway somewhere along the coast.  Here we were unable to do much besides stand and salute the summer weather that you can see just beyond the horizon if you use your imagination.

(If you ever find yourself in Ocean Grove, New Jersey in the freezing wind, here is the spot to warm you up.  Trust me on this one.)


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