This morning, there was snow in the city.

Enough, as it happens, for school to be cancelled. What a difference twenty-four hours can make; just yesterday I was traipsing through the West Village with coat buttons unfastened and hair free from the confines of my winter hat.  Today, I will have to don snow boots simply to step outside.

This has been a particularly brutal winter so far, but we have arrived at February, sanity intact (so far).  Last night, Kelsey came over to celebrate Super Bowl Sunday with me.  I care little for football but the evening allowed me the perfect excuse to eat countless dip-smothered tortilla chips in the comfort of my own pajamas. I barely paid attention to the game (though I am told it was lackluster, yes?), as I have been engrossed in a vintage copy of M.F.K. Fisher’s An Alphabet for Gourmets, which I picked up on an adventure in the West Village that I will detail soon.

This morning, inspired by the simple and comforting cooking which Fisher details in several of her essays, Kelsey and I made creamy eggs with white beans, served alongside fruit and several blueberry muffins which one of my residents surprised us with this morning.  It was one of those breakfasts that appeared particularly lovely against the thickly tumbling snow falling outside the kitchen window, and not having to step outdoors to enjoy it was thrilling.

If you’re interested in making something similar, we used about half a can of Northern White Beans (rinsed and drained) and four eggs.  The beans go into the pan with a pat of butter first so that any extra liquid can evaporate, followed by the eggs several minutes later. Scramble appropriately, and serve with salt and pepper. These are divine with the addition of cheese.

Stay warm, everyone.


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