This is my last full weekend before school starts again.

Yes, this is quite late. I am aware.  And I must admit that I am more than ready for the back-and-forth stroll that bookends the days I am in classes.  I am the kind of person that craves stability, and patterns – like the kind that develop by walking to and from a certain classroom each day – are particularly grounding for me.

Ironically, it has been an excellent weekend for spontaneity, even though the weather here has been distinctly unforgiving.  That once sparkling snow has melted and refrozen several times since Wednesday, leaving sheets of black ice over which gravelly slush has accumulated.  I have been swimming in flannel for so long that I’m fairly sure I have forgotten the feeling which comes from slipping on a simple white T-shirt in order to let the wind tickle my bare skin.   When my work schedule drove a spike into my dinner plans with Jocelyn, it was tempting to consider postponing until the first flower buds poked their way through the mud.


And so it is good to have friends who understand that a heaping pile of comfort food is the perfect reward for battling the bone-chilling dampness of New York in January.  Yesterday’s reward was a late night meal at Veselka, a 24-hour Ukrainian restaurant on the corner of 9th and 2nd Avenue, followed closely by doctored-up cups of coffee at The Bean afterward. I had decaf (which, as you know, doesn’t truly count, but I wanted to sleep).  She is a warrior and did not.


Happy Sunday, everyone.  May your rewards this weekend be just as great.


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