I have been absent from this blog lately, so I thought I would reel you all back in with some lovely pictures of the cupcake making class that Jocelyn, Ellie, and I took last Thursday.  The class, a birthday gift from the two of them to me, was held at Butter Lane, a cozy nook of a bakery in the East Village sandwiched that bumps up against a rather famous ice cream parlor. The space was just narrow enough to encourage conversation between the three tables set up in view of the instructor, with appropriately butter-yellow walls and Kitchenaid stand mixers in pastel tones.  At the hands of our incredibly capable (and hilarious) instructor, we creamed, folded, and stirred three different cupcake batters – chocolate, vanilla, and banana – as well as several varieties of frosting to pair with each.  My frosting technique needs a little tweaking, but by the end of the class I felt remarkably secure in my ability to whip up a professional-grade batch of cupcakes (granted, of course, destiny’s tossing of a Kitchenaid mixer in my general direction).  And there is truly nothing quite like an indecent amount of butter and sugar to further solidify the bonds of friendship.

I will be back with more words tomorrow. For now, I will let the pictures speak.


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