Scenes from the Weekend, and What’s Helping Me Get Through

Before I accomplish any writing today, I must apologize for the absence of words on this blog over the past several days.  I have been so very focused on fitting words together for my professors’ final assignments that I have barely had time to think about fitting them together for myself.  But I am forcing myself to take a breather and focus on untangling my thoughts because I do in fact care about my mental health in the middle of finals week.

So what is new?  My, well I had a lovely birthday weekend. Several of my closest friends went out to dinner with me at Cowgirl Seahorse earlier on Saturday evening (we snagged a table in the most secluded section in the back like magic), including my best friend from high school and her boyfriend.  Following this we wound up at Fresh Salt, a small bar at the Seaport with an exposed brick wall and drinks just inexpensive enough to justify several at a time.  My friends were generous enough to buy me several in honor of the occasion, and I must say the mulled apple cider – which had hints of Caramel Stoli and I swear just a kiss of Christmas magic in it – was one of the highlights of the evening. Image

It was so wonderful to see all of my friends, some of whom had just met, gathered in one place tossing bits of conversation back and forth as if they had all known each other for years. At one point I found myself silently sinking back against the brick facade, taking it all in gratefully.  I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday weekend.ImageImageImage

I worked for the majority of Sunday at the theater on campus and spent the better part of my evening face-first in a paper that I had been wrestling with all weekend.  Mercifully, I finished it around midnight but the pattern will repeat until I make it to the 19th.  Upon turning in my final paper I will I swear to you uncork the bottle of champagne currently resting in my fridge and toast to one of the most exhausting – but most gratifying – semesters of my life.

I’m not quite there yet.

But I do have several things helping me to make it through the next two weeks:

1. My new Vanilla and Cedar candle from Anthropologie (another birthday gift from an old friend).  I light it and immediately feel my muscles relax.

2.  The enormous Christmas tree at the Seaport to which I can escape when I need to seize a bit of merry in the middle of this stress.  There is an ice rink there this year too which I cannot wait to try out.

3.  This package of chocolate-covered Godiva strawberries which one of my residents gave me this afternoon.  Although, hell I will most likely eat them by the time I finish this post (and they are so damn exquisite).

4. The promise of a slice of cake from One Girl Cookies tomorrow at the staff holiday party.  I will show up purely with the intention of snagging the best piece.

5.  Coffee from R&R, the sliver of a coffee shop down the block where I will plant myself for most of the next two weeks.

6.  My friends, who are equally stressed out, and the bottle of wine which we are going to split on more than one occasion to fuel our overnight paper-writing.

Happy Monday, everyone.


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