Birthday Week Begins

ImageImageImageI don’t really know how to handle how marvelous my 21st birthday was.  Rather quiet, really, in that understated kind of way that can sometimes add significance to an event.  Since my 21st fell on a Tuesday I will do much of my celebrating this weekend with friends, and with this in mind I took a brief trip back to New Jersey, where my parents toasted me with Prosecco as we dug into red velvet cake and recounted birthdays past.

But the day was not without surprises. I am a Resident Advisor for my university, and yesterday several of my residents showed up at my door with gifts, including a wine glass filled with chocolate, homemade pastries, and two wine stoppers engraved with RA Maria on the top.  I am not too proud to admit that I did not know engraved wine stoppers existed.  They are almost too beautiful to use.

Jocelyn and Ellie showed up with balloons (which Jocelyn carried on the subway from 14th Street – I’m surprised she didn’t blow away), two giant bottles of Jack Daniels (one containing the good stuff, the other filled to bursting with sprinkles!!), homemade cupcakes, and the promise of a cupcake making class for the three of us sometime in the future.  Jocelyn also presented me with a bouquet of radishes because she thinks of positively everything on birthdays.  I nearly cried, though Jocelyn said my reaction was not quite as overstated as she would have desired.  It is safe to say that these two are the reigning royalty of birthday gift giving.

ImageImageMy heart is very, very full.


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