As I write this, my house is heady with the scent of bourbon-drenched turkey.  If I close my eyes and swallow, I can practically taste it in the air around me.  Next to me on the couch are two cats, purring like freight trains in the delicious afternoon sunlight that pours through the living room window.  This is the calm before the storm.

I am thankful for many things this year, though often I do not take the time to acknowledge this.  I live in a city that thrives on motion, on the what-comes-next.  Turning to bid a fond farewell to your past is akin to pausing on the sidewalk in the middle of midtown – someone will run you over in their haste to get to their own future. But this holiday, somewhat removed from the frenetic streets I have called home for the last three years, I feel obliged to breathe.

To take it all in.

I wish my ability to write could encompass the depth of my feelings this Thanksgiving.  But penning a list of those things for which I am most thankful would strip them of their significance in some ways.  I cannot count the ways in which I have been blessed, and I know this.

And so I am sending out a cry of gratefulness to the universe, to the Lord, to anyone and everyone who has enabled me to occupy freely this little corner of humanity I call my own.

May you be fulfilled this Thanksgiving in the best possible way.


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