Scenes from the Weekend


1&2.  On Friday evening, Elena, Kelsey, and I made our way to Greenpoint for a warehouse sale.  Fred Flare, a company with which I have been familiar over the past few years (especially around Christmas time) is shuttering after 15 years, and the sale was held to clear out the stock in their Brooklyn-based inventory.  I had never been to a warehouse sale before, so I wasn’t quite sure what I would walk away with, but I did pick up some inexpensive Christmas gifts.  Elena did not actually purchase that Breakfast at Tiffany’s sleeping mask, though I wish she had.

3. Among the items I purchased for myself was a wide-angle lens to attach to my iPhone.  Until I bite the bullet and get a good DSLR, I’m forced to be somewhat creative with my phone camera, and this was a great snag for only $1!.  I practiced while waiting for the G train home by taking pictures of Kelsey.

ImageImageImage4&5.  I was productive on Saturday for the first half of the day. By mid-afternoon, however, my brain felt positively roasted so I trekked over to meet my friend Rudy for a walk and long-overdue conversation. We made our way into the West Village, where it seems some of the streets simply cannot let go of the last vestiges of fall – not that I’m complaining.  I somewhat like the blurred quality of the second picture, largely because it brings out the butter-gold in the gingko trees behind Rudy.

6.  Obviously a long walk calls for sustenance.  These sugar cookies were from Milk and Cookies, a bakery on Commerce Street. They were incredibly soft in the middle with a sprinkle-laden crunch on the outside, and felt practically wholesome (I ordered a coffee but probably should have just requested a cup of milk!).

ImageImage7 & 8.  My friend Michael celebrated his 21st birthday this past Friday, but was in the throes of a 24-hour play festival so we didn’t really get to commemorate it in any special way.  Saturday night was a remedy to that – Oreos and wine shared while watching movies in his Upper East Side apartment while the weather turned bitterly cold outside.

I will admit that most of my Sunday was spent indoors – far, far too cold outside for this girl, whose tolerance for winter is largely dependent on the holiday season.  I have two more very full days of school and then I will be heading home for Thanksgiving break.

Hang in there, everyone – Thanksgiving is almost here!  And happy Monday.


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