Scenes from the Weekend

ImageImageImage1 & 2. Early on Saturday morning, my friend Jocelyn and I went to the Tiffany’s on Fifth Avenue so she could purchase a ring she had been eying for over a year.  Naturally there were Audrey Hepburn-esque shots taken, regardless of how painfully touristy we appeared to onlookers.  The woman who took the second picture actually urged Jocelyn to put her coffee down for the shot because “You are in New York now!” – the implication being, I suppose, that real New Yorkers do not carry Starbucks cups, perhaps?

3.  We wound our way to The Plaza Hotel after the morning’s excitement, mainly to use the bathroom.  (The running joke in my family is that I know all the best bathrooms in New York, and I am not ashamed of this). The Plaza is of course breathtaking, and directly opposite couples brunching in the Palm Court there hangs a portrait of Eloise, in an homage that I’m sure is deeply appreciated by the hotel’s more literary-minded visitors.  Jocelyn reminds me of Eloise in a way – pint-size but brimming with sass.

ImageImageImageImage4.  The market at the Plaza, found on its lower level, is where you must go when you are short on cash and yet would still like to feel pampered. This selection of breads caught my eye in particular; I think bread is probably the most photogenic food, but I am biased based on how much of it I consume, really.

5.  City Hall Park in the weakening afternoon sunlight on Saturday.  Taken during a walk with my friend Christopher, whom I hadn’t seen in months.  We walked from Soho to school, coffee in hand, as the weather shifted and suddenly the mildness of the morning gave way to a blustering, chilly afternoon.  Some conversations buoy you and some ground you; this one was particularly grounding, in the best of ways.

6 & 7.  Post-work drinks at Cowgirl Seahorse.  This one is called the Manhattan Project – Red Stag Cherry Bourbon and Coke.  It has become the preferred drink for Elena and me.

Image8. A gray Sunday morning shot through with the last flecks of autumn gold.  Taken on my walk to work.

Off to register for next semester’s classes now.  Happy Monday, everyone!


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