Scenes from the Weekend


Image1.  Homemade pizza a la the Costa family.  I am lucky enough that I grew up about a half hour away from the city, so I joined my father on his commute home from work on Friday evening. Dinner was crafted from Whole Foods pizza dough, my mother’s marinara sauce, and a mess of cheese and veggies.  My parents do not own a pizza stone, so the crust tends to puff out in glorious little bubbles during the process of baking.  Snagging a piece with one of these bubbles could be an Olympic sport in my house.

2 & 3.  I taught a workshop at The New York Botanical Garden early on Saturday morning to a group of manic nine year old Boy Scouts.  Their energy was in direct contrast with the sleepiness of the rest of the garden. The conservatory which rests on the grounds often appears like a soldier keeping watch, and here, flanked by the last buds of fall, it is particularly stately.

4. My dinner plans fell through on Saturday evening, but Elena and I salvaged the night by heading to Molly’s, a dessert shop off West 4th Street, around 11:30 at night.  Molly’s is kitschy in an entirely forgivable way, replete seats that double as swings and chalkboard menus.  There is also a shelf stocked with extra sprinkles which customers can add to their cupcakes.  I never miss an opportunity to stud my food with more sprinkles than is socially acceptable.

5.  Black Bottom Oat Pie from Four and Twenty Blackbirds in the Gowanus neighborhood of Brooklyn. Enjoyed as the sun fought its way from behind a sky that threatened rain but thankfully lacked follow through.  This pie was incredible – it had a taste and texture similar to chocolate pecan, and the slices which everyone in my group received were sizable for the price.  An afternoon deliciously well-spent.

6.  The sun setting over the Manhattan-bound G train.  The clouds speckling the horizon yesterday afternoon took my breath away.

And here’s to Monday!


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