Scenes from the Weekend


1.  This weekend was characterized by an interesting amount of balance – quite a lot of work and play throughout the course of 48 hours.  Elena, Kelsey, and I went to a costume party at a friend’s place in Brooklyn on Friday night; here I am as Audrey Hepburn from Funny Face.  I’m fairly proud of that costume because it cost me nothing and still looked leagues better than anything I could have bought at Ricky’s.

2.  Elena as Jess from New Girl and Kelsey pulling off the 80s.  I’ve vowed to wear my hair back with matte red lips more often. I am generally uncomfortable with my hair swept from my face – perhaps due to the fact that there is nothing to hide behind.  But Friday has me inspired to turn over a new leaf.

3, 4, &5. I spent most of my Saturday researching and topped it off by working that evening at the theater on campus where I am an usher.  But in between I spent a couple of hours in the gorgeous November sunshine at Union Square Market.  What a difference a few weeks make – now the stands are tumbling with cranberries and dried peppers, as well as plump heads of garlic.  I walked away with a huge stalk of Brussels sprouts, which I then carried into a coffee shop as if that were a completely natural thing.

6.   I tried a new-to-me coffee shop this weekend as well.  Called Pie Face. it is part of a chain that brews Australian blend coffee and serves up both sweet and savory pies on the side.  The shop is incredibly high-energy in a way that is not very conducive to getting a whole lot of work done, but my iced latte was delightful – strong and creamy with a hint of sweetness.

Happy Monday, everyone.


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