Scenes from the Weekend





ImageImage1.  There are certainly better ways to spend a Saturday morning than waiting for the G train, but properly fueled with coffee the experience is tolerable.

2. I stopped at One Girl Cookies, a delightful little bakery in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, for dessert before I headed to Rudy’s on Friday afternoon.  They are known for their whoopie pies, and these pumpkin ones did not disappoint.  I tend to purchase more dessert than is needed; there were only four of us and yet I still felt the need to fill the box with over ten of these treats.  And then I sat myself down with a book and a latte in the waning autumn sunshine streaming through the bakery window.

3. The interior of the bakery. What you cannot see here are the incredible amount of families with strollers that made up much of the late afternoon crowd.  It was actually rather lovely to watch grandparents share a slice of cake with children who were then taken for a walk just before the sugar rush kicked in.  I also watched another boy, maybe about 10 years old, plunk himself at the counter for a post-school snack of coconut cake and milk.  I have every hope my children will learn to celebrate Friday in a similar way.

4.  Brooklyn cloaked in Halloween.  Manhattan needs to take notes.

5 & 6.  When you have spent most of your Sunday cooped up alternately writing essays and watching Humphrey Bogart movies, you must take yourself outside in search of fresh air and some sustenance.  Luckily the New Amsterdam Market was at the Seaport this weekend.  These chocolate-filled pie pops were an incredibly well-informed choice of sustenance on my part.

And onto Monday…


4 thoughts on “Scenes from the Weekend

  1. Looks like such a great weekend! I love the whoopie pies from One Girl; I always stop at the location in DUMBO when I am in the area. If you liked the pop-tarts at the market, you should check out the ones at Smith Canteen- so delicious!

    1. Daina –

      Since freshman year I have kept a list of places I need to try, and it’s just so wonderful that the list doesn’t get any smaller. Thanks for the suggestion!


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