Halloween Week


Last night my friend Rudy and his boyfriend David threw what can only affectionately be called “a shindig.”  Myself and two of their close friends, Sara and Lara (what are the odds?) were invited to their apartment, and between us we drank several bottles of wine while we watched Hocus Pocus, all in the name of bringing the Halloween spirit to our little corner of the city.

I have to admit that in the years I have been at college, I have somewhat ceased to put any effort into celebrating Halloween.  Perhaps this is due to my lack of creativity costume-wise – I was spoiled in my childhood with a mother who would sew handmade costumes each year for my siblings and me.  I was Jane Austen one year and a woman from the 1940s in the next; my Halloweens were preceded by weeks standing on a chair complaining every time my mother accidentally nicked me with a pin or pulled the fabric too tight.  She allowed for this kind of expansive creativity, harnessed the whims of my imagination and created magic with them even though my friends would inevitably miscalculate who I was dressed as.  And she never told me I had eaten too much candy.

My freshman year at my university I was only concerned with how much skin I could expose.  Sometimes I look at the pictures and cringe involuntarily.  Only my friend Kelsey, dressed as a 1950s girl with a leather jacket to match, displayed incredible understanding of her own identity in her costume choice, and she smiles far more genuinely in those pictures than the rest of us who were still testing those waters.  Most of us still are, and every Halloween I am reminded of this truth.

Last night, however, as I stood with a glass of wine in hand stirring a pot of pasta sauce, I felt somewhat as if I were carving out a new sort of Halloween for myself.  A comfortable one.   One in which it is more than reasonable to eat barrels of candy in the glow of the Halloween lights, and perhaps even necessary to do so to make up for the fact that at 21, candy does not simply fall into your lap like it used to.  And while there will be costume parties to attend later in the week, I will remember last night a little more fondly for the intimacy of the celebration.  What a perfect ending to a delightful October.

Happy Halloween Week, New York City.


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