Roasting a Pumpkin

I roasted a pumpkin on Thursday.

Now, this is nothing incredibly new or novel.  I am used to having my senses assaulted by pumpkin products every time I enter a Starbucks (which, let’s face it, I try not to very often these days, but there is one inside my university and so convenience breeds desire). And Trader Joe’s is a pumpkin dreamland right now.


But I had never actually tasted pumpkin by itself, hot out of the oven, skin and all, the way it was intended to be eaten.  So Thursday, I marched myself on down to the local (overpriced) grocery store, grabbed two sugar pumpkins (two, because of credit card minimums and this New Yorker’s consistent lack of on-hand cash), and spent the rest of the afternoon in the kitchen (which is the best way to spend an afternoon).  The process is far too easy to really detail, though I will say it produced a wave of nostalgia for pumpkin carvings with my family that practically knocked me over, so beware of this.

And the verdict? Oh my Lord.  I think that in the process of pumpkin spicing every single thing that crosses our paths in October, we have lost sight of how incredibly delectable freshly roasted pumpkin is.  It is creamy and sweet with the addition of only a little oil, and it well deserves its place of honor this month.  I even convinced Elena and one of my other very best friends, Kelsey, to try a slice, which was very gracious of me I feel, as I was tempted to eat the whole damn thing myself.

If you would like a detailed version of the proper way to roast a sugar pumpkin, you can find it here, via the blog Oh She Glows.  The pictures are delightful.

ImageHappy Sunday, everyone!


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